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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation or (SEO) as it commonly abbreviated is attempting to increase or improve the amount of internet traffic (or visitors) to your website. Benefits come from not only improving the volume of traffic but also the quality of the traffic.

The idea is that when someone enters a search word or phrase into a search engine the results displayed are based upon how well your website can provide information on that search term. Optimizing your website so that it is search engine friendly can encompass a number of different tactics. SEO companies that undertake projects on behalf of their customers are constantly researching methods that Internet Search Engines use to rank websites in their search results and optimise the website accordingly.

Search Engine Analysis

Part of that research includes finding the search terms that your website needs to be marketed for. Once those terms have been established, then optimizing the content and coding of the site will allow the search engine to rank you higher in the search results than your competitors.

Imagine five shops all selling the same item or service. People are walking towards all five shops it could be pot luck as to which shop they choose. Now imagine you can go outside and put cones leading to the front door of your shop so that all customers automatically walk into your shop. SEO effectively does that with customers making the way to your website. Employing SEO then as part of your marketing strategy can play a substantial part in your success.

SEO Campaigns

You will receive an initial ranking report each month (made for the keywords you have selected) for Google, Yahoo and MSN, indicating whether your website appears in the top 200.

SEO Pack 1

SEO Pack 2

SEO Pack 3

monthly cost £99.00 £165.00 £250.00
Exclusive BusinessAll Members Price £85.00 p/m £150.00 p/m £225.00 p/m
Choice of Keywords 2 2-4 4-6
Submissions 300+ 700+ 1200+
Articles 1 3 4
Article Links 50 180 270
Reviews 1 1 1
Bookmarking Links 30 30 30
Press Release 1 2 4
Press Links 50 100 250
Blog Articles 1 1 2
Blog Links 20 20 40
Total Links p/month 150 350 600
3 month Campaign
6 month Campaign

SEO Wales

Complete Search Engine Optimisation

Being Located on the shores of Pembrokeshire, We offer a complete site and competitor analysis to build a diverse on and off line plan involving optimised content generation, link building, social marketing with ongoing report driven analysis to improve SEO Wales.

Link Building Packages

A back link is when an external site links to your site, search engines regard your site is important if another site is recommending your site, so the more links you have from relevant, high quality sites the better search engines rank your site.

Site Analysis & Consultation

We can disect your current web profile and compare it with your competitors to produce a analytic standing of your chosen market.

Building an Online Brand

Be proud of who you are, have clarity and build trust with a strong reputation, “Perception is the Ruler of Thought” If you would like a free consultation and proposal for your web development and online presence please contact us .

SEO Wales 01646 200 9 10SEO Campaigns

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