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Website Success Comes From Search Engine Positioning

When your customers are looking for the products or services you provide, are you giving them the chance to pick you first? Being at the top of the search engines for the term your customer’s type in is essential, as many do not go further than the first three results. Conducting an SEO campaign gives you the edge over your competitors when it comes to business searched for online. Storm10media can assist you in pushing your business to the top of the search engines.

What We Do

Finding out what potential users of your site are searching for is the very first step. We will guide you to choosing the right keywords to target. For example there is no point trying to rank well in the search engines for a word or phrase that no one is searching for. By using web tools provided by the search engines themselves, you can choose which keywords you would like to rank well for.

Analysing your competitor’s online strengths and weaknesses may give you some idea as to how to move forward. We can highlight to you ways in which they may be stealing business from right under your nose. Gathering as much information as you can before deciding on what to do is rarely time wasted and may reveal key areas you need to concentrate on.

When the keywords that you are going to target are chosen, we will use optimised software to see how well you are already doing for those words and what changes you have to make to start ranking for them. This stage very often shows up coding errors that may be preventing you from achieving the position you want. Once these errors are sorted that’s when the fun begins.

We always use techniques that are proven not to damage your online reputation with the search engines. We use new methods, which we thoroughly test first, combined with tried and trusted methods, which the search engines themselves have said they are looking for. We also provide you with constant reports on how your campaign is progressing. Many of our clients choose to start with a vigorous campaign to kick start things and then ease off and maintain their position. We can even train members of your staff how to contribute to achieving a successful SEO campaign.
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Word Of Mouth Is The Best Recommendation

SMM (Social Media Marketing) is using social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to raise peoples awareness of your business. Even those who were at first skeptical about social media are starting to realise its potential. Running a business you already know that the best recommendation is word of mouth. If someone has found your business to be good enough to mention then others begin to recognise it. It becomes familiar to them and they remember it, so that the next time they need what you provide they think of you first.

Twitter is reported to have around 175 Million users and Facebook is fast closing in on having 1 Billion users. That’s a lot of people interacting with one another and users spend on average in the UK 5.3 hours per visit. Storm10media can help you to use this powerful way of communicating to your business’ advantage. No one likes to feel as if they are being spammed and if they do then this can very often cause the opposite effect of what you are trying to create. Care is needed when using social media to make your mark online. If this is an area you would like to use, then we can take care of it for you, or at least assist you in its use.



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Instant Results To Kick Start Your Website

PPC (Pay Per Click) is a form of advertising where you pay for the amount of visitors that a search engine advert will funnel to your website. This is a very popular way to begin steering visitors to your business as it only takes a few minutes to set up an advert that will appear at the top of a search engine results page.

As with any type of advertising care is needed as money can quickly be spent with little results. For instance if you sell laptop computers then you could waste money on creating an advert that has the words ‘laptops’. People may be searching for information on laptops click on your advert, which costs you money, and end up not actually buying a laptop as they were only after information. Those searching to actually buy a laptop are more likely to search for ‘buy cheap laptop’. Money spent on an advert aimed at this term will be likely to yield better results as the visitors to your page were the ones who were actually planning on buying something. This may be basic information but with careful planning the money you spend need not be wasted but help to produce tangible results.

Storm10media carry out many advertising campaigns and have discounted search engine advertising available to us. Please contact us to discuss what Pay Per Click Advertising can do for your business.

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